Tree Service Columbia

Nature has a lot to give. You give one thing to nature and it will return a million benefits.

This is a common phrase and a true fact of our naturally growing trees. Long ago when humans came in to existence, trees provided only two basic essentials for survival. These were food and oxygen. As humans grew into the world, trees began to provide additional benefits such as shelter, medicine, and tools. Even today the valuable tree continues to offer increased benefits as their roles expand.

Knowing that trees are an important essence of our community, we should realize the importance of the trees and take care of them. We also know that trees take the responsibility of increasing the quality of life of humans. Trees give a lot to the environment in terms of oxygen, improvement of air quality, increased water conservation, and support to wildlife on a great scale.

During the process of photosynthesis, trees use a high amount of carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This oxygen replenishes what is consumed by humans. Hence, this basic process of inhaling co2 by trees plays an important role by using almost six tons of carbon dioxide and providing four tons of oxygen approximately. This is one of the most positive impact of growing and taking care of trees in abundance. Another positive impact of trees is; that can moderate the climate by having lasting effects on sun, rain and wind.

1. The leaves of the tree are great absorbers of heat in the summers.

2. They also act as a filter and lower the temperature by soaking up the sun’s beaming energy.

3. Trees acts as a shield and protects humans from sudden and harsh downfall of wind, sleet and hail.

4. Trees are known for giving us warmth and providing a screen from callous wind.

5. They adopt a unique way of lowering the temperature of air and reducing the heat intensity of greenhouse effect.

6. They help in reduction of ozone levels in the urban level.

7. Radically absorbs the ozone levels.

8. A well planted group of trees in a row can lower the level of noise pollution up to 10 decibel.

Taking care of trees and performing tree service Columbia is a vital step that can be taken in order to safeguard our valuable assets with us for a longer time. Now, few simple steps should be taken to ensure the safer growth of trees and plants in a South Carolina. The tree planted in a row adds beauty to the locality and beautifies the landscape in real. Imagine a community without a single tree? It not only gives an undesirable look to the street, but also destroys the place completely. Some additional advantages of trees on our environment are as follows:

1. Recovers the structure

A planted tree can improve the soil structure of the ground by increasing its fertility. However, it aids in preventing the soil erosion. The slow penetration of the roots of a tree has a positive impact on aeration and drainage. It is possible only due to a reason that the roots acts as a channel of the water channel.

2. Addition of Nutrients

The roots of trees have a positive impact on the surrounding plants as these nutrients naturally fertilize the adjoining plants. The nutients absorbed by the soil is now strong enough to eventually affect the nature itself.

3. Soil Erosion

We all know that a deep root of the trees help the soil and protects it from getting eroded. Regardless of the size of roots or placement of roots, the roots of any mature and healthy tree can effortlessly sort various problems of the soil and prevents it from negative forces.

A tree has lot of various positive impacts on the soil. Hence, it is important to plant as many trees we can. Also, in terms of economics, a planted tree can increase the property value of an area or locality. However, the shade of the tree can be used by the needy and poor people. So, think twice before cutting a tree for your personal benefit.


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