Why My Acting Classes NYC Is Better Than Yours

Why My Acting Classes NYC Is Better Than YoursThe studio is situated in the heart of NYC, and was made by Maggie Flanigan in 2001 to provide a special conservatory established acting program for gifted young artists to receive the highest caliber Meisner technique training and Meisner teaching. As an acting studio, we’re committed to the belief that acting, at its best, is a creative artwork. But, excellence can only be achieved through mastery of the actor’s craft.

Since 2001, the Studio has grown into a community of dedicated and talented teachers together with serious actors working together in a challenging and supportive professional environment.
Maggie Flanigan is considered, by most professional musicians in the film and theater community, to have a brilliant eye for an actor’s process and also to function as the sweetest teacher of the Meisner technique. In actuality, Maggie is considered to be among the best acting teachers and acting coaches in the nation.
During the past nine years Maggie has selected and nurtured a highly professional faculty that knows the Meisner work deeply and can teach it with inspiration and clarity. Each faculty member owns the clarity in teaching the Meisner work demands and Maggie inspires. All the teachers have a solid sense of truth and a passion for training actors. Because acting is tough enough as it is; we believe it is critical to provide students with faculty who can clarify all the fundamental issues of acting. Directed by Maggie’s comprehension and dedication to hands-on, incorporated training, our teachers speak the same language and confer frequently regarding the progress of each pupil.
Your gift is significant but it isn’t enough. The top artists in any medium have solid techniques which become second nature and function as a bedrock for their talent. In this respect the Maggie Flanigan Studio and acting conservatory has one of the greatest reputations in the company for creating well- trained, professional actors who will craft a part. These actors have a solid work ethic, an inviolate sense of reality and a passion for the craft of acting.
Know more about the acting classes NYC and celebrity training that the studio provides. Stop by or call the Maggie Flanigan studio where you can learn about the very best and most respected acting studio in NYC.

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